Confidential Recruitment – security, privacy, effectiveness

At 5JOBS Specialist Recruitment we complete confidential recruitment projects that require special care and attention, such as personnel changes at high and mid-level executive positions (executive & direct search). Their successful implementation combines high reliability during critical periods in a organisations development – changes among the top and mid level management along with changes of key specialists – with effectiveness in reaching the right candidates.

Constantly updated database of candidates, recruitment archiving

These projects are carried out through our own, aggregated meticulously over a number of years, industry dedicated database, along with archived recruitment projects as well as intensive direct search for candidates combined with networking.

Dedicated headhunter

A dedicated headhunter, with experience in the industry, is a unique feature of 5JOBS Specialist Recruitment that means we are extremely competetive when it comes to getting to the right people.

Consultancy activities

The professionalism of conduct at 5JOBS Specialist Recruitment leads to the creation of a short list of candidates containing typically from three to five potential employees.

A wealth of experience

Our many years of experience guarantee the credible assessment of candidates as well as ensuring that an appropriate selection of candidates fulfill the competence requirements set out by the client.