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To all those who want to cooperate with us in the development and continuation of their career, we guarantee far-reaching confidentiality and security of the recruitment process. None of the information provided by them which would lead to identification will be transferred without prior approval of participation in the current recruitment project.


We invite you to submit the applications (CV) of candidates in the following sectors: 

● paper packaging, cardboard, POS; packaging services 

● plastic packaging & products, viscom, 

● printing, publishing industry, advertising, media and school/office

● plastics, composites, chemical and rubber industry

pulp and paper industry, industrial and sanitary paper

● metal and glass packaging

● recycling, ecology 

● machinery and equipment for 5JOBS industries


We also expect applications from graduates who have qualifications/education in the above sectors. Work experience not essential


Address to which you should direct your applications:


Please send in applications in accordance with the dominant or preferred industry experience.

A CV, possibly with a cover letter, should be sent with the name of the desired position (positions) in the subject of the email.